We don't like rules too much, but for something that requires a particular date and time where all the preparations by many people have to come together - rules are helpful things. if any of the requirements below would cause you to not participate, contact Yvonne or Derek to discuss. We'll try to figure out a way to make it work for ya.

Photographer Rules

Poet Rules



If we get just enough photos and poems to fill the exhibit space, we'll show everything. We will ask a poet friend (or friends) to help us select the best poems and a photography buff or two to help us select the best photographs and we will pick our own favorites too (it's our show after all). If your poem or photo doesn't get selected, we hope you'll submit it for next year's show and still like us.


A not-stuffy, fueled-by-great-food-and-drink evening that your family and friends will like even if they don't usually go to poetry or artsy-fartsy stuff.

It's not a requirement for participation, but we strongly encourage poets and photographers to attend the exhibit reception and to participate by reading their poems (we love performance!) or talking about photography (inspirations, where it was taken, effects you used, or what you thought of the poems that were written). We love to hear from everyone, but we like to end on time, so keep it short and sweet or we'll drag you off the stage (nicely).



See a sample photo and poems inspired by it.