Our Marketing Plan to Sell Your House

Marketing Overview

It is our job to professionally guide you through the sale of your home, and we take that job very seriously. In today's competitive landscape marketing is an integral facet of a realtor's job, and we provide key services to ensure your home stands leagues above the rest. All of our marketing supports our unwavering goal; to sell your home for it's best price, as efficiently as possible, by generating maximum exposure through a diverse array of industry leading tools. We pride ourselves on being comprehensive and detail oriented: anything and everything that could be important to a buyer is outlined across multiple mediums, both digital and physical, in order to cast as wide a net as possible. Simply put, we do not leave out anything.


Engaging Photography that Showcases your Home

Lighting, resolution, and the right angle; it all matters. That is why photos of your home are shot in HD with HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology. HDR allows us to capture a far greater range of colour and light than possible with standard photographic techniques; photographs are brighter and showcase a wider range of colour, truer to how we actually view the world around us. The result is that our photos really pop and stand out above the competition. Every room is also photographed from multiple perspectives to allow potential buyers to fully visualize your home. Photos are then labelled with descriptors of their features and used in marketing across multiple social media platforms.

HDR photography 


Professional Floorplans

Professional Floorplans

Professionally laser measured colour floor plans are accurate and help create a true sense of space by differentiating the function of various rooms within the home. Every buyer wants to envision how a potential property will fit their lives, and a simple to read floor plan is the perfect all-in-one tool to create full spatial understanding of a property. Please feel free to ask us about 3D floor plans; professionally crafted with cutting edge industry technology to provide buyers with an entirely new perspective on the size and space of your home. 



Drone Photography

We work to capture a buyer's attention with sweeping aerial photos, illustrating the appeal of your home's neighbourhood. Selling your home is all about catching a buyer's eye and drawing them in—what better way to stand out than with a series of drone photos allowing the public to experience your home and property from previously unimagined angles and heights.

Drone Photography


High End Property Video

Implementing the latest 4K video technology, our aim is to ensure your home is presented to the market with the highest quality possible; as the resolution on new cellphones, tablets, & computer monitors continues to evolve so should the technology behind marketing your home. We provide a full video walk-through of each of our listings which is then uploaded to our business YouTube channel and shared across multiple social media platforms.



Utilizing the newest technology, Matterport creates an actual 3D virtual tour, doll house type visual of your home, which can be viewed 24/7 from the comfort of a buyer's personal device. This provides the public with a virtual, self-guided, open house style tour which they can explore at their leisure. This buyer friendly approach to marketing your home results in fewer casual showings by guaranteeing purchasers are already familiar with your home by the time they book a viewing. It's efficient, consumer friendly, and available to view for every one of our listing across all social platforms including MLS, REW, and Facebook.

matterport 3d virtual tour


website marketing

Professional Responsive Real Estate Website

RodRheaRyan.com provides comprehensive information in a clean and simple format. Our goal in designing the site was to give potential buyers/sellers the information they need as quickly, and as easily, as possible. The front page prominently positions links to featured listings allowing for a single click to take users to an all-in-one information hub. Not only does the site link to all our social media platforms, it brings together all of our marketing and assembles them in a single location, amplifying ease of access for the consumer. As well, the website has been optimized for all devices, regardless of whether you are viewing on an iPhone/android, a tablet, or a home computer, our site will format seamlessly for the best possible viewing experience. We also feature a regularly updated blog, up-to-date testimonials, community overviews for those looking to move into the area, and team support. A one stop shop for all of your real estate needs.


Social Media

More than ever, social platforms have become the corner stone of digital marketing; and our promotional push is constant throughout the duration of your listing. Along with our website, we utilize several online services—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Craigslist, YouTube & Pinterest—all of which work together  to influence search engine optimization (SEO). Ultimately, every like/share/comment/follow/retweet works in a multi-stepped cyclical system optimizing a website's search engine index, resulting in more organic users. This means, the more we post about real estate over multiple platforms, and specifically regarding your listing, the more people will make their way to RodRheaRyan.com, which is setup to showcase your property, presenting it at it's very best!

Real Estate social media


Targeted Online Advertising

At the core of our online marketing outreach, are paid Facebook advertisements, which feature each of our listing on a consistent and ongoing basis. These particular ads are essential because they allow us to target specific user groups. We can narrow down and push advertising by user location—down to specific neighbourhoods—interests, and age groups. This means that the right people see your property's advertisement; we are not blindly advertising to the masses. Any given ad can reach as many as many or more than 12,000 people and achieve engagement of well over 5000 unique users.


Real Estate Weekly (REW)

Almost all home purchases now begin online, and because of this we have enlisted the services of REW to help boost your home's exposure beyond that of your competition. On average, REW receives nearly four million visits a month and over 35,000 individual real estate searches a day. Within the Tri-City area, the statistics are just as impressive with over 170,000 searches per week. Due to REW's staggering user base, we have upped our game and joined their Market Pro level. This package gives us the ability to track detailed statistics on individual listing views, which in turn allows us to better target future advertising initiatives. It also generates a 700% increase in lead generation by positioning your listing so it receives twenty times more views.


House Staging & Moving Supplies

House Staging & Moving Supplies

Not wanting to miss a single opportunity to make your home shine, we offer a complimentary assessment by a professional stager. They will walk through your home and meticulously outline an extensive list of potential options for you to pursue if you so choose. Often it is the little things that make the biggest difference, which is why we offer our clients moving boxes and packing supplies delivered right to their homes.


Physical advertising

You never know what is going to catch a buyer's eye, and because of this, it is our goal to cover as many media formats as possible. Although the digital realm has jumped to the forefront in the last several years, we know there is a segment of the population that remains impacted by physical advertisements. Whether it is a bus bench aimed at generating awareness and recognition, or an advertisement in a local paper, meant to provide an extra push for a new user base—different demographics engage in listings differently and we want to come prepared. We also focus on neighbourhood mail-outs dedicated to current listings and recent sales in an effort to generate local exposure and drive interested buyers/clients to our website, and subsequently to the wealth of information pertaining to your home.

WestCoast Home


Feature Sheets

Professional magazine quality brochure style feature sheets, up to eight pages, leave a lasting impression on clients that view your home. They are the most simplified physical delivery system of your homes standout qualities. We endeavour to highlight the best features of your home in a short and catchy manner in order to leave buyers with a tangible reminder of why your home stands above the competition.



We fully utilize MLS to maximize the service's ability to inform the public. To us, every detail is important, whether it is a home's distance from public transportation, or the frontage of a lot. The bottom line is that you never truly know what specific nugget of information is most important to any given consumer, and it is exactly for that reason we make sure we never leave anything out. It is a simple idea, but fully and completely filling in every field and utilizing every available character in a written description is far from the norm. For us however, it just makes sense.

From start to finish we endeavour to help our clients every step of the way. Professionalism and experience are paramount. Everything we do is both comprehensive and detailed oriented; we provide a full-service package—if there is ever anything you think we are missing we would be happy to include it while marketing your home. At the end of the day we are here to ensure the process of selling is as simple as possible while achieving top dollar for your home.