New Home Buyers

A skilled REALTOR® must have extensive knowledge of the local market, can help you avoid the common pitfalls of buying a new home and are there to help make the whole buying process less intimidating. Whether it is finding a home inspector, guiding you through the purchasing/mortgage process, or locating an investment property for you, the right Real Estate Agent can make all the difference in the world.

Moving Checklist

  • Transfer all bank accounts and have your bank recommend an affiliate
  • Have vehicles tuned up, change insurance accordingly
  • Arrange for a moving company
  • Leave keys and necessary legal papers with your REALTOR®
  • Have your prescriptions refilled
  • Must your will be re-written with inter-provincial moving?
  • Change of address to: Driver's licence, medical services plan, post office, credit card accounts, friends/relatives, subscriptions
  • Notify insurance companies: Health, life, auto, home owners, coverage while en route
  • Utilities, refunds, final bills: Hydro, telephone, cable, internet, gas, water rental.
  • Obtain all records: Dentist, doctor, optometrist, specialists, school, birth, baptismal, legal documents
  • Cancel deliveries: Newspapers, magazines, milk, water.
  • Transfer memberships: Clubs, organizations, church, charities 


Resources for Buying a Home:

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STEP 7: Closing on a home 

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