About and History


The Image and the Word is a project that husband and wife, Derek Liebertz and Yvonne Cariveau cooked up while walking around talking about poetry one day. They both write poetry and are always looking for new ways to be inspired to write. They write at coffee shops and malls, when it's not their turn to drive while on cross-country trips, after perusing book titles at Barnes and Noble and many times after experiencing music, art or photography.

Thanks to:
The Southern Minnesota Poetry Society (SMPS) for their wonderful poems, great ideas and the help with hanging the exhibits the last couple of years. MUCH appreciated! If you love poetry, check out their web site.

The MSU Photography Club and Bend of the River Photography Club for their terrific photos and enthusiasm for this project.

The Emy Frentz Arts Guild and Twin Rivers Center for the Arts for providing us with a home, a place to show the work of these great local artists. The staff at the Guild is helpful and knowledgeable and we feel at home there.

Thanks to all our photographers who have contributed images, your unique view of the world inspires us.


The Image and the Word 2011

From mid-February to mid-March, the 2011 exhibit hung at the Emy Frentz Guild in Mankato.  We had an EXCELLENT turn-out for the reception and had a ton of fun reading, laughing and hearing what the photographers thought as they took their photos and as they saw the poems for the first time.  We did the photos inspired by poems thing again and didn't get lots of submissions for that, plus we found it hard to hang in the exhibit hall, so we are dropping that for 2012.


A photo and poems from 2011

See some videos from 2011 to get a flavor for the amazing photos and poems:

The Image and the Word 2010

Shown in March, 2010 at the Emy Frentz Guild and in April, 2010 at the Arts Center in St. Peter. Traveling exhibit...woot! woot! We just barely were able to hang all the submissions and have them fit in the gallery space. We introduced the idea of photos inspired by poems and had a few entries for this.


Image and the Word 2010
Sample reading from 2010 by Derek Liebertz:

The Image and the Word 2009

The Second Annual "The Image and The Word" exhibit was shown at the Emy Frentz Guild (523 S. 2nd Street) from Feb. 12 to March 18, 2009. The exhibit featured photography by Heidi Gjengdahl, Matt Gorrie, Wesley Hill, Becky Kelly, Bobby McFall, Antje Meisner, and Kandi Van Briesen. And the SMPS poets submitted lots of wonderful poems with surprising twists and turns that delighted the photographers and public.

The Image and the Word 2008

The first exhibit featured photography by Jacqueline Karsten and Bobby McFall (just 2 photographers) so it started simple. The photo samples were printed and brought to the Southern Minnesota Poetry Society meeting. Derek and Yvonne asked if other poets might be interested in writing poems inspired by the images. They were (interested), Derek and Yvonne were and a new art show in southern Minnesota was born. The exhibit was hung at the Emy Frentz Guild in May of 2008.

Photos of Opening Night show poets reading to a great audience. The audience enjoyed wine and snacks and walked around the room viewing the photos and talking with the artists. Many times the poems were quite different in feeling from what the photographer has originally envisioned for their photo. Both the photographers and poets asked to do the event again.